Each 10 ml. Contains Ext. Of.
 Dasmool Ext.  60 mg
 Asoka Ext.  40 mg
 Chandan  100 mg
 Putrajeevak  200 mg
 Lodhra Ext.  20 mg
 Patrang  200 mg
 Punernava Ext.  40 mg
 Balla Ext.  30 mg
 Lajallu  100 mg
 Gilloy Ext.  30 mg
 Nagbala  200 mg
 Ashwagandha Ext.  50 mg
 Amla Ext.  30 mg
 Mundi  100 mg
 Dhoi ke phool  100 mg
 Jatamansi  50 mg
 Approved colours and Flavoured syrup base.

Product Description

Health Benefits of Gynocare Syrup
  • Gynocare liqud is designed in a totally herbal way to reset the nutrirional status of woman.

  • All ingredients taken gives rasayan effects, cures deficiencies relieves back ache & body ache and works as a brain tonic. It also improves complexation & tones up the muscles of uterus.

  • Gynocare restores rthe distributed menstrual rhythm & associated disorders.

  • Ashwagandha, nagbala & amla are well known nervine tonic & also used for emaciation

  • Jatamansi is not only a good nervine tonic but also promotes loctation & relieves anxiety of lactating mother.

  • Dashmool, lajaloo & mundi are good for back ache & body ache latharginess.

  • Lodhra, patrang, ashoka & dhoi ke phool relieves leucorrhoea & controls untowards vaginal secretions

  • Punarnava relieves oedema during & after pregnancy without having untowards effects. It also relieves vaginal itching.

  • Gynocare is a complete synergistic combination which gives all positive effects, tones muscles of reproductive system & facilitates conception, balances hormonal secretions.

Additional Information

Dosage :

10-15 ml. twice or thrice a day or as directed by Physician.


An Exclusive ayurvedic medicine which is indicated in various menstrual disorders such as Dysnenorrhoea, Leucorrhoea, Oilgomenorrihoea, irregular periods and abnormal bleeding. Gynocare is highly useful in back ache, weakness and general debilities.


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