Each 10 ml. Contains Ext. Of.
 Gilloy Ext(Tinospora Cordifolia)  30 mg
 Haridki Ext.(Terminalia chebula)  20 mg
 Ashwagandha Ext.(Withania Somnifera)  40 mg
 Shatwari(Asparagus Racemosus)  40 mg
 Amla Ext.(Emblica Officianals)  30 mg
 Arjuna Ext.(Terminalia Arjuna)  20 mg
 Balla Ext.(Sida Cordifolia)  40 mg
 Punarnava Ext.(Boerhavia Diffusa)  20 mg
 Jeevanti(Leptadenia-Reticulata)  40 mg
  Bhoomi Amalki Ext.(Phyllanthus Urinaria)  20 mg
 Approved colours and Flavoured syrup base.

Product Description

Health Benefits of Paramvit Syrup
  • Paramvit liquid is a herbal vitalizer to ensure physical & mental health.

  • Jevanti is a potent anti-emaciating drug which have rejuvenating properties which are well documented in ATHARAV-VEDA (The ancient book of health and medicine).

  • Ashwagandha, Shatawari, Amalki & Bala all are anti-ageing & promotes nutritional status body immunity and cures emaciation.

  • Arjuna is well established cardiac tonic which improves the circulation of blood.

  • Bhoomi Amalki is used as liver tonic which prevents degenerating activity of liver & also works as a good appetizer.

  • Punarnava improves urinary mechanism & flush out body toxins.

Additional Information

Dosage For Adults:

2 Teaspoonful three times a day or as directed by Physician.

Dosage For Children:

1 Teaspoonful three times a day or as directed by Physician.


An ideal Tonic for general Debility, loss of Appetite,Loss of weight, Cardiac and Liver Tonic,Haematinic enhances immunity, Nervine Tonic.Also cures emaciation and hyper acidity.


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